| A YouTube video is going viral. It is all about the results of us, the human species, being more involved in digital realms than in reality. What is it all about?

| The video is merely a poem. The poet (?) recites it while pictures and clips of digital social interaction are to be seen. He talks about how we are more engaged into digital worlds and social networks rather than in real life interactions. He talks of children not playing outside anymore, travellers taking pictures for their friends rather than taking them to those interesting spots, and people not talking in public but merely starring at their phones.

| While watching the clip, I thought it is just one of those videos which only mourns about a new way of living which the writer himself apparently doesn’t seem to understand. I was not really into it until he recited something like: ‚we’re surrounded by children who, since they were born, have watched us living like robots and think that’s the norm‘.

| That phrase had me think. I recalled my childhood and could not think of any of my adult friends or relatives using a phone while having a conversation. Nowadays, I see many young mothers and fathers doing exactly that: starring at their phones while ‚playing‘ with their kids. Those children simply do not know it different. They have always been exposed to that digital lifestyle we engage in.

| I know many people who, instead of going out to see the world, rather find themselves staring at their computers, rather than going to meet and get to know people find them online. But is that a bad thing at all? I can’t find really find an answer to that.

| I guess for many people the Internet and those anonymous social networks are a safe haven; places where they can get rid of their fears of interacting with other people. For some people it is the only way of interacting with the outside world – just imagine being a young gay or lesbian youngster, not outed yet, not in touch with any LGBT people. Or just think of members of gangs in city such as London or NYC who want nothing else than leave their gang – but cannot see any way-out of it. The Internet and their ways of social interacting seems to be their sheet anchor.

| On the other hand, I think that each and every thing has their limits in which it is good. If one exceeds those limitations, it turns into something dangerous. Having no digital connection whatsoever might be an issue if one wants to apply with a company which only offers digital ways of application. On the other hand, if one only lives online, it might indicate that they are in some way scared of interacting with people in real life situations. Or it might triggers such emotions and anxieties.

| But you should never assume that everyone mainly living in and through digital social networks ’suffers‘ from some kind of social phobia. Some people simply want to live their lives that way. That’s something which is to be accepted.

| I think it is always a matter of moderation:

In all matters moderation is desirable. If a thing is carried to excess, it will prove a source of evil. || B.

| One should always find the happy medium. If one does not keep the golden mean, it will cause an imbalanced life. But no one can find it for you. Therefore, you should never judge anyone who might seem to be too strongly involved into the digital realm – or people who are not. Maybe for them it is what makes them happy. We should only try to give children the opportunity to find their own balance by providing them with loads of different experience.


| BTW: I am aware of the irony of writing about such things online ;)