| Relationships. The world seems to orbit around them. Each of us either is in one – more or less engaged -, has had at least one, or desires to have one. While the world, especially when you are aged somewhere between 12 and 30, is merely focused on one’s own relationships, their dreams on and wishes for prospective ones, or on relationships of others. But while being so nearly desperately focused on relationships, apparently no one ever seems to spare a thought about what a potential future partner needs to have to go on well with oneself.

| At first, I would like to mention that I am not providing you with any advice on how to choose a partner. Everyone on this earthly plane is has their own desires, needs, wishes, and attitudes towards relationships; each of us even has a different definition of what a relationship actually is all about. Therefore, I will only try to give some insights into some thinking I have come up with lately about the nature of relationships and what they actually need to provide you with – on a more general note. The upcoming series of blog entries will focus on that. Also, it should be mentioned that I am writing those articles from the perspective of a single person. I reckon I will gain more insight into relationships and their underlying processes as soon as I enter the elite club of couples.